Samsung Woes Continue

Samsung halts production of its problematic Samsung Note 7 - now it faces Apple in court in an ongoing design battle. Google tries to bring the internet to offline communities in India. The BBC's Shilpa Kannan speaks to women in the villages of India who are being helped by Google's 'internet buddy' programme.

Amazon plans to open some physical shops. We ask why they are taking this move amidst the decline of the high street. Finally, Dubai has just started construction on what will be the tallest man-made structure when it is completed in 2020. Expert Anna Winston from the art and architecture journal, Dezeen, explains this era of impressive, tall buildings.

We are joined by Simon Littlewood, president of ACG consulting group in Singapore, and Andrew Seabrook, Washington bureau chief of US radio show Marketplace in Washington.

(Photo: Samsung Note 7 in a recall bag. Credit: Getty Images)

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