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2016 - Prepare for "Winter" of rooms oversupply

For most classes of hotel in Asia supply will continue to exceed demand for at least 3 years.

Your product is good, of course it is, but could you drive more business into your estate by better understanding source markets and more effective sales deployment?

ACG's Glossary for competitive hotel sales

Headroom - the total available market domestic and inbound for a class of property

Fair share - the % headroom, split by segment and channel, that an operator should achieve based upon his relative distribution (versus competition)

Typology - classification of property or group of properties by characteristics which determine revenue profile (location/size/facilities/history etc).

Deployment - the best way to assign sales activity (on and off-property) by location, segment, and account to capture fair share for a property or estate

Incrementality - those measures and behaviours which are required to focus sales and other channels on delivering fair share quickly and effectively

How did it get like this and what can you do about it? Check out this short video.

Simon Littlewood, alumnus of New College Oxford, set up ACG tohelp major hotel companies lift growth and RGI across Asia.

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