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Bomb Fear Suspends UK-Egypt Flights

Both the British and US governments are now saying there's a strong possibility a bomb brought down the Russian airliner over the Sinai desert on Saturday. The UK has suspended all flights from Sharm el-Sheikh, the Egyptian Red Sea resort where the flight originated, until it has checked out airport security. We ask Angus Blair of Cairo-based business research group Signet how bad this is going to be for Egypt's economy.

In just a few weeks' time, world leaders gather in Paris, aiming to secure a consensus on measures to limit global warming. But latest official statistics show China has been under-reporting its coal consumption for years. US economist Irwin Stelzer, from the Hudson Institute in Washington, gives us his take on the latest news on China's use of coal.

There are just 51 days to go until Christmas - that's 51 shopping days of course. Top of the list every year are children's toys and here in Britain retailers have revealed the twelve toys they believe will be this festive season's biggest sellers. Our reporter Elizabeth Hotson went to find out what they were.

We're joined throughout the programme from New York by John Seabrook, author of The Song Machine, and Simon Littlewood, President of ACG Global, in Singapore.

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