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Petrobras Scandal: Brazil Billionaire Andre Esteves Arrested

Andre Esteves, one of Brazil's richest businessmen and a top senator has been arrested as part of the sweeping corruption probe into state oil giant Petrobras. Mr Esteves is Brazil's 13th richest man, worth an estimated $2.5bn . More than 100 people have now been arrested in the two-year investigation, including politicians, former top executives at Petrobras, and some of the country's biggest construction firms. We find out the implications this will have on Brazil, as the country's economy continues to falter.

Could housewives provide a new boost for Japan's economy? Most Japanese women give up their jobs when they have children. But that's taken a big toll on the country's growth. Prime minister Shinzo Abe wants to get more women back into the workplace. Campaigners say this will be good for business. As part of a special BBC season called 100 Women, we're in Tokyo finding out how easy it will be for Mr Abe to achieve his ambition.

And throughout the programme, we're joined by our guests: Simon Littlewood, President of ACG Global in Singapore, and Professor Peter Morici of the University of Maryland.

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