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APAC Agenda 2016 - Build Cultural Awareness

The Singapore-based CEO of a Fortune 500 company recently told us: "My team is smart andworks hard to get good outcomes. But time and again we don't get the results we expect from regional programs."

ACG data based on >200 corporate change programs in APAC shows that 80% fall short of their objectives, for 4 main reasons (see graphic - click to download).

The factor common to all 4? A failure to understand the impact of culture on communication, solution design, and change management.

By recognizing cultural differences and ensuring they are addressed your team can significantly improve change outcomes.

Whether you are simply ensuring that regional meetings and conference calls are inclusive and effective, or you are executing a complex program in multiple locations, tailored Cultural Awareness Training is the place to start.

ACG provides classroom training and individual coaching for executives who seek real impact in Asia, and who want to learn from case studies how to handle complex challenges, develop appropriate responses, & manage & communicate in a culturally appropriate way.

Click image to download.

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