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Hillary Clinton defends Benghazi record

Hillary Clinton faces the heat on Capitol Hill over the 2012 attack on the compound US mission in Benghazi. Four Americans died - including the US ambassador to Libya and ever since questions have been asked about the role of then Secretary of State and now Democratic frontrunner for President.

Also with historic elections in Myanmar just two weeks away we hear about a sharply critical report on the country's lucrative and secretive trade in gemstones. The report from transparency campaigners Global Witness says the jade industry is still mostly in the hands of former military junta leaders and their families - with very little revenue going into the states coffers to pay for desperately needed improvements in health and education.

The Chinese President is continuing his tour of the UK, stopping off at a local pub for a pint with the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron. But not everyone's as enthusiastic about the visit; many American policymakers are watching it with some nervousness.

The BBC's Lucy Burton speaks to Hudson Institute economist Irwin Stelzer.... And 007's budget may the biggest yet - but is the new James Bond film actually any good?

Throughout the programme Jon Bithrey is joined by Carlos Watson - formerly of the MSNBC news network in the US - now the founder of news website OZY and Simon Littlewood, President of the Asia Now Consulting Group in Singapore.

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