Simon Says | Growing above the Market - the New Sales Must!

​Many companies who have achieved steady growth in Asia have benefitted from fast-growing markets and enthusiastic customers.

This applies across consumer and B2B sectors, where steady demand has enabled years of double-digit growth.

Things have changed: " The days of easy growth in Asia are over" the VP Sales of an FMCG co told us recently.

"Competition is increasing, underlying demand is slowing, and people and other costs are growing."

Refreshing sales and channel capabilities to be more proactive and efficient is "a new must" and critical to maintaining growth and share.

In some cases a substantial change to sales culture - evolved in a time of plenty - will be required and can be challenging to execute.

ACG delivers growth above the market to clients in China and the region by identifying opportunity to strengthen sales and marketing effectiveness and designing high-impact change programs.

In this short video Simon Littlewood describes ACG's approach.