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Hoteliers - grow share, improve rates and RGI

75% of APAC hoteliers think surplus of supply will have a growing negative impact on occupancy: many already report downward pressure on REVPAR due to falling leisure and corporate spend. A strong development pipeline across all classes is expected to further dilute both inbound and domestic revenue.

Based on what leading hoteliers have told us, and 20 years of helping them improve REVPAR and ADR, we are advocating four areas of opportunity and we are seeking your feedback on their relevance to you...

  1. Total Estate Headroom - Based on market data and your distribution, identify total fair share by segment for domestic and key source markets

  2. Identify Optimum Revenue per Property - Using our proprietary typology, identify fair share, and gap, by property.

  3. Align sales deployment, increase productivity - Optimize sales delivery through more effective deployment, process and technology.

  4. Rethink Digital - lift the impact of available digital channels using our toolkit

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