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Germany Tightens Border Controls

The migration crisis escalates as European ministers fail to unanimously agree on a plan to distribute refugees arriving in the EU. Germany, which welcomed refugees with open arms last week, has imposed temporary restrictions while other countries including Austria and the Netherlands have tightened their borders to deal with the influx - actions that go against the principle of free movement between the countries in the Schengen Zone. Is the impact on Germany's economy too much too quickly?

A fifth Prime Minister in five years as Malcolm Turnbull ousts Tony Abbott to become the leader of Australia's Liberal Party in a hastily arranged poll of the party's MPs. Mr Turnbull sports an impressive CV - he's a former tech entrepreneur and partner at Goldman Sachs - but his new job could be tough: he'll need to deal with a faltering Australian economy. The country's deficit is growing and unemployment is at its highest for nearly 13 years. We speak to Robert Milliken, Australia correspondent for The Economist.

There's been a jump to the left in British politics. The opposition Labour party has elected left-winger Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership, causing turmoil among MPs. Many high profile party members have resigned, fearing a timewarp back to the eighties when the party was dogged by infighting, a lack of political credibility and consistent election failures. So what will the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn look like? Vishala Sri-Pathma asked the shadow foreign secretary, Hilary Benn.

The BBC's Rahul Tanden is live from Kolkata with the news from India, and could a robot steal your job? Researchers at Oxford University predict that 35% of jobs could be destroyed by automation over the next two decades.

Throughout the programme our guests are Ben Johnson, Host of Marketplace Tech from American Public Media and Simon Littlewood, President of Asia Now consulting group in Singapore.

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