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Boxed Out of Strategic Thinking

CFOs are now so consumed by the need to meet expanding compliance requirements, they’re finding it harder to focus on big- picture strategy.

Executive Workshops

ACG executive workshops are designed for executives who seek to make a real impact in their organizations in Asia, whether in regional or local roles.

FMCG Solutions

FMCG in Asia - beat slowing growth

Hospitality Solutions

Hoteliers - grow market share, improve rates and RGI

Indonesia - Still a good bet

A stable democracy, GDP of $878bn, 247 million consumers, double-digit growth…and largely immune from global recession…

Offshoring - It's about growth

According to research from ACG Global, offshoring transactional and sales support activities can free up to 40% of onshore sales time and enable significant revenue and market share gains.

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Reduce Receivables Free Cash

With growth slowing and cash getting tighter, now is the time to reduce the working capital tied up in receivables.

Sales Force Effectiveness

With growth slowing and competition increasing, Asia is more challenging than ever – but how effective is your sales force?

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Specialty Chemicals Solutions

Specialty Chemicals in Asia - Grow Share, Reduce Costs and Working Capital

The End of Easy Money

Low interest rates have distorted stock prices, real estate markets and balance sheets. When central banks finally shut off the spigot, it won’t be pretty.

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