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Training and Coaching

ACG provides classroom training and individual coaching for executives who seek to make a real impact in their organizations in Asia.


Using case studies and tools developed over 20 years, we help executives handle complex business challenges, develop appropriate responses, and manage and communicate in a culturally appropriate way.


We can also provide customized training courses upon request. In every case we will provide you with a free 2-hour introduction to our training at your offices.


Understand and Manage Cultural Diversity

Understand historical and political context, behavioral differences, how to manage meetings and presentations, to build relationships and networks, and plan and manage effectively.

Reduce Risk and Accounts Receivable

Practical approaches to containing trading and country risk and reducing the Working Capital tied up in accounts receivable.


Build an Effective Sales Organization

Starting with the market and the growth opportunity, design the organization and the direct and indirect channels which work best, benchmark sales performance, manage transition.


Understand and adopt HR Best Practices

Explore how and why key markets differ, learn best practices in recruitment, training, retention and developing incentive programs, and the do's and don’ts of execution.

Assure Effective Execution

Plan and execute challenging change programs including sales optimization, cost reduction and downsizing, enterprise risk, shared services, and other critical programs.


Coming Soon
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