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About Us


ACG Global is a boutique management consultancy that helps companies worldwide achieve faster growth by understanding and prioritizing markets, improving sales and marketing effectiveness, and reducing costs and working capital. We believe in long-term partnership and we emphasize process and behavioral change. 


We specialize in delivering higher rates of profitable growth to clients in Asia and worldwide by improving sales effectiveness and reducing costs and working capital.


We research key markets, design and implement change programs to improve selling effectiveness and reduce working capital, and ensure sustainable improvement by recruiting and training key staff.


We recognize that a key challenge in Asia is effective execution and we emphasize communication and consensus building as enablers of individual and organizational success.We believe each client is different and each faces a distinct set of challenges.


We believe that Asia will continue to lead the world in profitable growth, and that Lean Growth™ can make a difference. Read more about us, about what we can do for you and how we differentiate ourselves from our competition.

"At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since."


Salvador Dali

Our History

ACG Global was founded by Simon Littlewood in 1998 to help companies grappling with the challenges of growth in Asia, build effective organizations and processes aligned to Asia markets.


We help you understand customers and channels, improve sales effectiveness and reduce working capital and cost to serve. Our proven approach delivers rapid improvement in market share and profitability.


By delivering consistent success, Asia Now has grown into ACG and has helped some of the world’s largest corporations figure out and execute their Asia strategy. Clients are increasingly finding that our ability to deliver significant improvement in sales productivity and higher margin growth is as relevant in the high-cost Europe and USA as it is in China and India. As a result, Asia Now opened offices in Atlanta in 2011 and Shanghai in 2012, becoming the Asia Now Consulting Group (ACG Global).


We have consistently achieved double-digit growth and we believe that our focus on excellence in delivery will ensure that this continues.

How We Are Different

We specialize in helping clients understand and prioritize markets, improve sales & marketing effectiveness, and reduce costs and working capital. Our service runs from strategy to implementation. It is this focus and our emphasis on effective execution that makes us unique.

  • Delivers measurable benefits in time.

  • Organizes small, lean project teams around the client’s needs.

  • Engages the client in designing and executing the solution in order to gain ownership at every step of the process.

  • Recognizes the importance of behavioral change for long lasting change and put this central in the design of every solution.

  • Provides best in class program management and (support in) execution.

  • Delivers value for money and has competitive pricing.

  • Cares for your success.

Meet The Team

We at ACG are people with interesting personal and professional stories and huge enthusiasm and creativity. Meet some of us.

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